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Create a learning culture

There is a lot of buzz about learning teams and organizations right now. And for good reason. Being able to efficiently share knowledge with each other affects both productivity, innovation and results. But what characterizes a learning culture and what can you do to become even better? We asked these questions to 60 people with leading positions in HR and Learning & Development. Here, we have summarized their tips and insights.


15 Tips: Develop Your Team’s Skills In The “New” World of Work

In the so-called “new world of work” – where everything breathes agile, flexible, digital and hybrid-focused – skills development can be a great challenge. Maybe you know what skills are needed, but not how to help your employees get there? The fact that some employees are on site while others work remotely, doesn’t make it any easier. Managers today need to think about both formal and informal learning to maximize their teams’ development potential and results and good technology is needed to support both.


20 focus areas for learning organizations

The industrial revolutions mark significant shifts in history, requiring humanity to adapt.  We are entering a fourth industrial revolution, marked by AI, automation, and genetic engineering, amidst global uncertainty with war and recession. The part of the business best suited to handle the challenges on the horizon is HR, but many professionals are stuck in operational tasks. In this guide, we have pinpointed 20 challenges that we believe businesses should prioritize for HR to foster sustainable growth and success.


The Preboarding Checklist: How to excite, engage, and prepare your new hire before Day 1

The trick to quality employee retention is top-notch onboarding.But now that we see an even shorter employee life cycle and big competition, there seems to be a focus shift from retention to productivity. In order to create more productive employees faster, you need to think about Onboarding as a process over time. From contract signing to the first 90 days.


The offboarding checklist

Modern organizations prioritize onboarding, yet offboarding often goes overlooked. Ensuring a smooth departure is crucial for both the employee and the business. To achieve a positive offboarding, begin by ticking off this checklist!


30 tips: Creating Engaging Learning

Being able to successfully create and share digital knowledge is an absolute must to educate, engage and inspire both new recruits and long-time employees. But it’s not about replacing all the great stuff of the past, but about taking what you already know to a whole new dimension. In this guide are 30 tips from 80 learning experts who answered the golden question: “What are your best learning tips?”


Digital Onboarding Guide

Onboarding – your chance to make a great first impression and help your new employees to quickly get started in their new roles.
Research clearly shows that companies that have an onboarding process in place get better results when it comes to productivity, engagement and how long their talents choose to stay with them.
Here we have collected 7 tips to think about when it comes to onboarding.
Hope they are useful to you.


Employee Onboarding & Preboarding – How, When and Why

Get an introduction on why and how preboarding and onbarding makes perfect sense for you and your business. This primer will also refer you to other valuable resources.


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